Wns Fire tube boiler structure and safety devices Essay

п»їWns Fire tube furnace structure and safety devices

WNS series fire tube boiler will be high quality, popular industrial vapor boiler in Pakistan. The capability is via 1ton to 20ton, pressure is from 0. 7mpa to 1. 6mpa WNS series automatic gas fired boiler is horizontal, three-pass, rainy back cover boiler. The primary structure contains: Boiler layer, Bellows heater, Returns can burn room, Threaded gas tube, etc . The shell plus the furnace are created by 20g boiler exceptional steel. Heater & Returns burns place, Tube platter & Central heating boiler shell and Returns melts away room & Returns burns room cylinders are linked by the technique of flanged edge connecting. The specification as below: There may be more heating surface to spare to be able to assure of running of full insert and overcharge. The wns series gas fired central heating boiler have the attributes of affordable structure, safely running, high efficiency, energy saving and conveniently operation. WNS series automatic flames tube central heating boiler were implemented advanced intercontinental three-pass and wet again structure. The boilers are matched superb imported manufacturer burners and high automatic control system.

Fire tube heavy steam Boiler managing and basic safety systems

1 ) The controlling and basic safety systems will be interlocked within an electric control cabinet (ECC). 2 . The burning and security operation are manipulated by ECC. It has the next basic capabilities: Protection software of automatic ignition

Fastening and safety program of operation

Safety program of extinction

Safety program of completion

Safety program of water sends (pressure loss)

Protection system of combustion failure

Protection program of combustion engine malfunction

Protection program of combustion engine flameout

Safety program of gas seapage

3. Burglar alarm

Sound-light security alarm of vapor pressure and super-high steam pressure Sound-light alarm an excellent source of and low limit level

Sound-light burglar alarm of pressure loss in water pushes