The Effect of Celebrites on Adolescent’s Fashion Options Essay

The Influence of celebrites on adolescent's fashion alternatives Ervine T. Montgomery

Bowie State University


The research mentioned that superstars have an impact in adolescent's trend ideas. This kind of study aims to determine the product choices of children and to accumulate feedback within the influence of celebrities in adolescent fashion choices. An open-ended customer survey, was offering to high school and central school college students located in Baltimore, Maryland. It concluded that teenagers don't turn to celebrities because fashion part models. Yet , their style is similar to their favorite celebrities. As well, they are critiquing different medias for the most up-to-date fashion trends.


Fashion can be described as powerful tool in marketing today. It is difficult to avoid news of celebrity behavior, whether one is interested. Celebrities are generally the center stage of many teenagers lives because of a particular expertise, fashion and the behavior (Wilson, 2009). " There's simply no escaping the mass marketing of today's celebrities", says Common Sense Media's Jim Steyer in Kids & Superstar. This is especially true pertaining to generation Sumado a. According to Rob Frankel, this generation is " way more tuned into media” simply because so much media is available to all of them. Therefore , young adults are most likely being observing celeb behavior, with a time in your daily course when they are continue to forming their very own values (Frankel 2010).

CELEBRITIES EFFECT ON ADOLESCENT'S FASHION OPTIONS 3 In more depth superstars impact the gown of adolescents in America. Teen see icons like The celebrity, Jay Z, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and more dressed up in Coco Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton's Winter Collection and Versace, and makes all of them want to go out and buy these types of different apparel. Therefore , movie star role models have proven to be influential teachers. Teenagers seem to the actual behavior routine of higher status such as this kind of rather its good or bad.


The sort of research that was be applied in this examine is qualitative research. Locating a reliable and valid method to obtain information on celebrities' fashion influence on adolescents was a challenge. The main method for tracking down resources engaged accessing the Bowie Condition University Library's online Analysis port to discover online directories in order to find related scholar articles or blog posts. The online sources include JOSHUA (EBSOHost), MasterFILE Premier and ProQuest. The ERIC repository was within locating full‐text articles. Buenos aires Post Newspapers articles as well had important info that would improve my research. Also, I actually used e-book to gain related information about young body image. The web was used to find reliable sources on the matter using search engines such as Google. Using keywords like " fashion”, " body image” " clothing” and " adolescents”.


1 . you Teen Skin image

Celebrities are definitely the greatest indirect role types for young adults. Unfortunately, almost all teens are not blessed with those physique types. Online surveys find that many teenagers are unhappy together with the way they are (Dubois, 2006). Why are teens unhappy with their body image? Mainly because from the time they're given birth to until their teen years, teenagers have been completely taught there is a tradition. The norm between celebrities in terms of body image and weight is normally super slim and impractical. For male teenagers they may be concerned with becoming stronger and being " buff". Even though some of the function models might be keeping this image within a healthy approach, not to many teens perform. It is noticeable that young adults with adverse body image wrap up having eating disorder or turning into depressed (Thomas & Jones, 2002). If perhaps they no longer look like their designer celebrities often try to shed pounds or gown like their celebrity position models. Consequently it's important for teens to be aware of that photos can...

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