Rent Composition

Naizhjay McDaniel

April twenty, 2014

Frederick Perry

Theater Appreciation


A few weeks ago, I went to start to see the musical Hire written by Jonathon Larson. The musical has been re produced many times as it is a very popular audio. This lso are make was directed by simply Pierre Jacques-Brauit. While on my way to Cuyahoga Community College-Western campus, I started to be extremely excited as I got high expectations of the functionality. However , after watching both the and a half hour production, I used to be utterly disappointed. Although the musical technology had some good aspects, like the live music group, cool results, and great stage lighting, it could have already been more prepared.

Rent is known as a rock audio that tells a story of a group of youthful artists and musicians unable to survive in New York City; a few of them with the your life of HIV/AIDS. Most of the situations that occur throughout the music are genuine real life events from Jonathan Larson.

As I walked in the arena, the first thing I noticed was your stage design and style. I immediately became thrilled; the stage was showy with so various colors! There was clearly graffiti for the walls, rubbish on the floor, and an apartment like object. The stage design represented the in and outside of an apartment building. The outdoors really looked like a place in which homeless people lived, plus the inside actually looked like someone's home.

The characters were satisfactory. Even though were deafening and dynamic, they did certainly not articulate all their words. I really could not figure out anything that we were holding saying. I actually left out of the theatre learning sixteen phrases: Rudolph, the, red, nose area, reindeer, snow, pay, rent, moon, bone, you, mild, my, candle, Roger, and please! Actually every range was sung. I felt like the heroes were performing at me not to myself. In addition , these people were all over the place; the characters did not do a good job at offerring the story of Jonathon Larson, throughout the musical technology they kept running around, jumping, and yelling. By them doing that, it did not...