Personal Goal Setting Worksheet Essay



First you have to ANALYZE what you wish to achieve in different areas of life. To achieve these types of goals you need to WRITE them down and CONSIDER them carefully. If you choose not have desired goals, it is such as a ship with no rudder as well as your life will certainly lack path. The goal setting worksheet will let you00 define what is important to you and also can determine how you will complete them. Target can be divided into three types.

Goal can be divided into three categories.

1 ) Long term desired goals [5-10years] installment payments on your Medium term goals [2-5years] 3. Short term goals [6months to 2 years] Types of Desired goals

Financial Goals

Educational Desired goals

Acquire monetary skill

Result in a certificate or degree program

Earn a particular amount of money in a particular period

Enrol for an adult education program

Installation an investment profile

Acquire relevant IT expertise

Setup a savings strategy

Acquire soft skills like…interpersonal, team building,

Play a role in a retirement fund.


Job Goals

Family Goals

A new new skill

Do you want to become a good mother or father?

Earn a great MBA or possibly a Msc degree

Are you looking to have kids and what will be your friends and family size?

Earn a professional license

Desire to have a life partner

Get yourself a promotion to top supervision level

Achieve a happy and fulfilled matrimony

Advancement or change in profession in a specified time

Installation a retirement plan

Physical fitness Goals

Excitement Goals

Eat nutritious foodstuff

Create the perfect time to unwind

Have regular exercise including walking, jogging etc

Prepare a trip

Become a member of a fitness club

Have enough sleep

Have got a biannual medical check-up

Join a recreation golf club

Quit smoking and drinking

Observe a football or tennis games game

Cover a hobby

Community Goals

Psychic Goals

Become a member of a you are not selected group

Aspire to get attached to your originator

What can you bring about improve the location where you...