Life Is but a Dream Article

Mariana Villarreal


Living is quite a bit less easy since it looks. I guess everything that glitters isn't platinum. I was brought up by a one Mother that may be very sick. So growing up your woman didn't work. She was unemployed living off of a social reliability check. This was hard not having the latest name brand factor. But existence isn't always about material things. Yet my mother did what she could. She didn't want to make a rabbit hop out a hat. Nevertheless she did what she could. Appearing out of my eight grade school year I met an excellent young ladies name Ciara Celestine. Which can be my partner, my heart holder, my personal back bone, my everything, my life received easier when she arrived it. Because I had an individual I could correspond with. Someone I could fall back again on. ?nternet site turned 16 I got work. And ever since then I've been working trying to make ends meet. That gets hard sometimes but also in order to have got nice things have to improve it nevertheless it's only some that easy being a senior I high school and working. Yet I just maintain my head high like my nose blood loss. Because We came to far just to surrender now. Need to make my mother proud. I'm the child of nine kids. And she is still having a hard time recovering from storm Ike. It's not always just easy to start over. But you can't cry above spilled dairy. All I will do is definitely graduate. And make my loved ones proud since even though Now i'm struggling. I could make the struggle look good I smile to hide my soreness. Some people could not walk 1 mile in my shoes I guess you didn't know all of these things about me personally next time don't judge a book by the cover.