Ewan Dissertation

Lasagna Pedrico's Franchise is under the mom company Jimini Pizza, a well established pizza firm in the Korea.  If they first joined the market, they offered a unique concept of delivering and providing pizzas – four different flavored little whole pizza in one box, at an affordable price.  This managed to get possible for pizzas lovers to test out four diverse flavors of pizzas with the same price as various other affordable whole pizzas.  Pizza Pedrico's currently gives 7 lasagna flavors, a few pastas and 1 lasagna bar.  Its french fries flavors incorporate its chorizo and cheez, ham and cheez, chicken and cheez,  cheez and cheez, ham & sausage and cheez, ham + pineapple and cheez, and chicken + pepperoni andcheez.   Its pasta include the great white, red fox, and cheezy chums.  Its pizza bar can be described as yummy burger chunks in pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese enveloped in two soft and chewy pizza brown crust area.


Lead and create simple environmentally friendly businesses to delight the customerВ and develop internet marketers for long-term growth around the world. В


• Quality since the customer describes it with rave and GUSTO!

• High degree of integrity and professionalism in every our dealings. • Revenue as a result of quality and job-done-well and not of shortcuts. • Passion intended for service.

• Innovation and entrepreneurship.


1 . Introduce simple and sustainable organization concepts which have been easy to operate and increase. 2 . Develop passionate entrepreneurs to start small and grow big businesses. 3. Launch impressive, delicious, nutritious and interesting food product idea toВ pleasure and fulfill the customers usually.

4. Showcase a high level of integrity and professionalism over the company and become an example for the industry. a few. Give almost all glory to God.

Firm Overview


Because the time once we pioneered the Frozen-fresh pizza segment ten years ago, we now have received a deluge of applications and interests to get franchising the brand via all over the Korea and the...