Enders Video game Essay


In Enders Game, there exists a character that basically stands out as a leader. Your husband constantly uses leadership through the entire whole story. He is Ender Wiggin, and his leadership may be broken down to 3 main qualities. The first is VALOR. In the incredibly start of the publication Ender shows immense valor by resisting Stilson, and his group of good friends. Ender is outnumbered and is much youthful than the bullies that stand before him. But instead of being a coward and working away, Ender stands his ground and fights. Ender defeats the adversaries prior to him using immense valor. Once again Ender shows his COURAGE by standing up against another group of older boys. Now Ender can be cornered in the shower for Battle College by Bonzo and his close friends. Bonzo then steps up to fight Ender one on one. Exactly like when Stilson fought Ender; Ender comes out the victor. Ender offers another leadership quality; having a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. While Ender is a member of Salamander Army, he can cast aside and it is thought to be unwanted by his commander. Rather than sulking about and not carrying out anything about his dilemma; Ender decides to coach and increase by practicing during his free time along with his fellow launchie buddies. Down the line, Ender is made commander of Dragon Armed service and once again displays his leadership through a positive attitude. Ender is constantly being tested like a commander, and is also given multiple battles each day. Ender embraces this obstacle with a good frame of mind; and by doing this gets the desires and state of mind of Monster Army up and ready to battle. The third leadership quality Ender possesses is usually, SERVICE. Ender shows this kind of by always being kind to his teammates and listens to what they each have to say. Also the moment Ender is the foremost at Battle School by basically all of that he really does; Ender under no circumstances once features or brags about his greatness and repetitive wins. This shows that he is very humble and shows humbleness. Ender is an excellent leader through SERVICE, VALOR, and his...