Essay upon Functional Quality

Lately, I had to ring up a luxury cafe Aqua Shard enquiring to book a personal dining room for a birthday meal. As the restaurant is found in such exclusive environment, prides itself in being one of the top rated restaurants, offers relatively excessive prices, advises on their website that you may email or perhaps call for making reservations and since I was going to make a booking for a considerable amount of folks all these things influenced my expected service to a particularly large standard. The expected services included friendly and useful staff, quick and thorough response to my personal calls and emails and good after-care e. g. - reminding emails. Once I tried to ring up the restaurant I had fashioned to try to do so every 2 hours or even the next day since " All the lines were busy” both saturdays and sundays and weekdays. Secondly though staff had been very friendly took down my particulars, I did not receive any e-mails or phone calls. Once I actually rang to get the third period they offered me with an event organizer's number whom did not grab the whole day ultimately they required down my details and haven't heard from them since. Therefore the technological quality in the service in terms of what I received was comparatively low since I just received a single email credit reporting they received mine. Useful quality with regards to how I received the services was even lower but still relatively low since in addition to the friendliness I did not hear from all of them again with regards to any of my own requests. Therefore the perceived value as I defined it above decreased, because the cafe was being unrealistic with their guarantees. Therefore my personal expected worth exceeded my experienced quality leading to me being very disappointed while using service and not wanting to book this cafe again.