Case several Bob Knowlton Essay


This case is approximately a work team that performed together efficiently, bonded well and experienced comfortable about each other. Most until another individual (Fester) came into the company who more reassurance that the leader of the group (Knowlton), triggering a form of intimidation causing Knowlton to resign, and the group to be with out a leader. 2 . DIAGNOSIS.

The main problem in this case was your lack of self-confidence Knowlton produced due to a fresh member for the company who had more knowledge to bring to the table. Knowlton was impressed by Fester's approach to the group- analyzed reports, described the defects in the group, and new ways to address things. In addition the group was uncomfortable with the amount expertise Fester acquired causing lack in work performance- not able to speak out their very own thoughts/opinion, act with doubt, and less staff meetings. Essentially Fester interupted with their regular routine. THEORY:

The idea behind this all was Fester was supposed to be partnered up with Knowlton to get an excellent of his work. However , due to propinquity which Luthans describes since " persons affiliate with one another because of partially or physical proximity” Intensify got involved by critiquing previous record, leading him to raise concerns and queries (2011). Furthermore, according to Newcomb's harmony theory of group development, Fester and Knowlton would not have comparable attitudes to common items and desired goals of the group triggering a failure to connect. Moreover, with Fester showing that good ideas that would have actually helped the group, the group failed to want to make that effort to attempt to take that new procedure and was resistant to transform. Luthans details this because the highlighted equilibrium unit, " organizations form in a first period in which a focus on or objective is set then are not altered very easily because of a process named inertia, or perhaps systematic capacity change” (2011). Lastly Knowlton demonstrated poor leadership skill by leaving the...

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