Bay Region Rapid Flow Grant Pitch Essay


Bay Location Rapid Transportation

Weekend File format Project

California State College or university, Chico

HCSV 579

December on the lookout for, 2013

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Executive Brief summary

These types of Area Fast Transit (BART) requests $5, 541, 285 to extend educate operating hours until a few AM upon Fridays and Saturdays. The Weekend File format project provides safe public transportation for the 7. 12-15 million These types of Area Occupants (bayareacensus. california. gov) and decrease drunk driving arrests.

Bay Place Rapid Transit services an average 323, 293 weekday riders and 202, 887 Sunday riders (bart. gov). The past BART train departs 20 minutes following midnight daily. San Francisco is the central hub with the BART system and offers a various nightlife that extends past midnight. Relevers and Gulf Area residents are forced drive an automobile to near by BART providing areas, in the event plans extend pass the midnight teach departure. Based on the 2012 Twelve-monthly Report from the California DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE Management Info System, completely there were seventeen, 592 DRUNK DRIVING arrests in the 4 BART servicing counties: Alameda, En contra Costa, Bay area, and San Mateo.

The goal of The Weekend Expansion project should be to provide safe, late night the to already servicing areas. Objectives in order to include: Extending operational several hours to 3 AM to the currently servicing several main night time routes. Elevating ridership and revenue through ticket costs and car parking. Decreasing DUI arrests by simply 25%.

Decreasing possible drunk driving related deaths by forty percent. Increasing careers by 3% in localities surrounding BART stations. These types of Area Fast Transit is known as a heavy-rail pubic transit and subway program connecting four counties inside the Bay Place. BART operates five ways on 104 miles of line, with 44 stations averaging a lot more than 500, 500 weekly riders (bart. gov). Bart opened in Sept. 2010 of 1972 and had a 105. 6% ridership maximize by 75. BART has maintained a rise in passengers annually, making it the fifth most frantic heavy train rapid flow system in the usa, according to the American Public Transportation Relationship. The expected costs in the Weekend Extension project can be $11, 082, 570 for the 1st three years until internal earnings can support the extended Comes to an end and Sunday hours. Different funding options include, Ad space revenue: $950, 500

Federal Money: $4, 091, 285

Mothers Against Consumed Drivers (MADD): $500, 000

Agency Trustworthiness

The idea to get the These types of Area Rapid Transit program (BART) emerged in 1946 when post- war migration to the area caused traffic jam among the connections. Over the following two decades detailed engineering strategies were designed for a program that would usher a new age in rapid transit. BART opened in September of 1972 and had a a hundred and five. 6% ridership increase simply by 1975. BART has taken care of an increase in individuals annually, so that it is the 5th busiest weighty rail quick transit program in the United States, according to the American The Association. News BART preserved an average of 366, 565 weekday riders (bart. gov). Gulf Area occupants were forced to find option transportation during the closure with the Bay Connection on September 29 through September subsequent. BART assisted residents by making 24 hours through the entire weekend, making record high of 442, 067 riders on Thursday the 29th. BART's highest success of riders occurred when needed of the Bay area Giants 2012 World Series victory parade assisting 568, 061 cyclists (bart. gov).

On August 23, 2004 BART was known as number one transit system in the usa by the American Public Transportation affiliation in the category of providing 35 million annual passenger outings or more. Lately on August 26, 2013 BART was awarded a $12. almost eight million dollar grant by The Office of Homeland Security to improve security and help protect the Transbay Pipe, one of BART's most critical resources.

The appointed BART Commission stated in its last report in 1957 " If the These types of Area will be preserved like a fine...