Athenian Democracy -vs- Modern Democracy Essay

The Athenian democracy in the Gold Age performed somewhat like ours really does today. Athenian countryside was divided into areas called demes. In all these demes, subscribes they kept track of which citizens had been eligible to enroll in the assembly and vote on laws and public plans. Each Deme was after that grouped in 10 tribes for different political functions, such as selecting representatives to get the authorities of five hundred citizens. The quantity of representatives chosen from every deme was proportional to its population.

The Golden Grow older Athenian democracy and each of our modern democracy had a large number of similarities. Like our modern voting schisme, the Athenian countryside was divided into units. In both these systems individuals had to be registered to political election on laws and regulations and open public policies. As well, like our current democracy, in Athens you had to become 18-years-old to vote. Just like us, Athenian democracy had a Council of representatives. To try and prevent file corruption error, they also had imposed limitations on the number of terms leaders could control.

More than likely the greatest difference between contemporary democracy and Golden age group Athenian democracy is that of the " males only" plan. In the retirement years, only males were in order to vote and take part in assemblies. Today's democracy allows both equally eligible males and suitable women should be vote.

The polls back then were also different. In Athenian period, they had their very own main elections via lotto. They believed this would assistance to control advertising and political election corruptions. In today's democracy, when we elect an individual all eligible citizens may vote and many wins. As well, unlike right now, active armed forces leaders had been elected to governing positions. Back then they believed that created a stronger government.

One main difference is the fact in the Athenian legal program, is that there was no attorneys. Everyone was required to argue his own case. The offender could hire someone to create their defense speech, nonetheless they had to present it themselves. Wherein today lawyers happen to be everywhere...