Anthropology 1200 Final Examination Essay


FINAL EXAMSpring 2014

COLLEGE STUDENT NAME: ___Amanda McLaughlin________________

Multiple Choice (2 points each)

1 . The Mashpee Wamponoag lost their 1976 legal action seeking to claim back approximately 18, 000 acres that had previously hailed from them on Cape Cod. Which in the following had not been true regarding the case? a. They demanded the come back of all property, including almost all homes built in the past two hundred years. m. They by no means had legal deed for the land.

c. The jury ruled that the Wampanoag Indians had not any right to the land because Congress had approved the sales. deb. All of the above.

e. non-e of the previously mentioned.

2 . Based on the information offered in class around the sex control industry in Thailand, which in turn of the next factors helped produce modern-day conditions: a. The development of " R and R” in Thailand to get military troops b. Government and international development firm development efforts focused on tourism c. Lowered government support for non-urban family facilities.

d. All the above

at the. non-e in the above

three or more. The estimations are that as of the late nineties, about thirty five, 000 young women were " enslaved” workers in sex sectors in Thailand. Workers from this industry: a. Are sometimes marketed into the job by loved ones

b. Make much less from this work than in nearby making facilities c. Choose where they work and who also their clients will be

g. All of the above

e. None of the over

4. Most genetic evidence clearly supports the fact of three specific biological events among individuals: a. The case

b. Bogus

ESSAYS (Make sure to become as certain as possible in answering the questions-provide specific examples coming from class components to support the points)

1 . In both equally Tobacco City Futures and Inequality, Lower income, and Neoliberal Governance fundamentally focus on starting a new foreseeable future for the folks who stay in those neighborhoods. In Lyon-Callos book his research targets the homelessness and lower income the poor proceed through in...