Police brutality essay writing guidelines

Police brutality is one of the problems that is widely discussed in contemporary society. It is a serious matter, because reality shows that sometimes instead of protecting people, policemen do the exact opposite thing. No matter whether you have been in a situation like this or not, this problem should not be ignored by anyone. For this reason, police brutality essay is a popular assignment that students often face during their studies. And since you are reading this, it is most likely your turn to deal with it. Fortunately enough, we are here to provide you with all the needed help and make this challenging task easier for you. In this article, you will find tips and guidelines that will hopefully help you get through all the stages of writing this kind of paper. More than that, we are happy to offer you our professional assistance. Our experienced writers are looking forward to taking care of your task the best possible way. In case if you feel uncertain about writing an essay on your own, do not hesitate to contact us and make an order. Our aim is to release you from this writing struggle and make your college life effortless and more enjoyable.

Understanding the topic of your essay

The issue of police brutality is an arguable and controversial one. While policemen are usually perceived as protectors, whose ultimate purpose is to create a safe environment for all the citizens, there are cases when they abuse their power and hurt people without any good reason for that. This also has to do with such contemporary social issues as racism, gender inequality, corruption etc. Many of these problems are not payed enough attention to, which leads to a bigger number of situations, when policemen become enforcers rather than protectors.

The core of police brutality lies deep in the collective consciousness of the society. We cannot accuse officers exceptionally because the behavior of every person is in that or another way a product of the society he lives in. So before making any judgements, we should dive deeper and find out the roots of violence and how to deal with it at a more profound level.

The assigned topic has a variety of aspects to focus on. In fact, your task before you even start writing the paper is to narrow down the assigned topic and choose a particular aspect to cover. This is important if you want to provide a profound and deep discussion instead of a shallow text without any reasonable intention behind it. So, to begin with, we suggest you thinking about which one of the aspects you find more interesting, important or just more appropriate to discuss.

Narrowing down your topic

Taking into consideration that police brutality is quite a complex issue, we will divide it into subtopics in order to help you find a particular aspect to focus on. It is also important that you choose the one that resonates with your personal attitude to the problem and that you personally find the most interesting to discuss. Personal interest is one of the factors that determines the success of your paper. In any case, take a look at the following ideas to cover in your police brutality essay:

  • Racism as a factor of police brutality. Even though we live in a century when racism seems not to take place anymore, we should admit that it is still a big problem. There are many people who believe that one race has privileges over another, which leads to such cruel attitude of policemen towards representatives of certain races or nationalities.
  • Gender inequality. While this also might seem a ghost from the past, we should not underestimate the danger coming from beliefs of some people that women should not have the same rights as men. Policemen who think that way use their power against women, which has sometimes tragic consequences, including raping, death and all kinds of moral damage.
  • Corruption. This is the disease of contemporary society. Corruption weakens the power of law and turns the very institution of law into an evil machine. Corrupted policemen tend to accuse innocent citizens of committing a crime, while the real criminals remain free and untouchable because they have money to pay for their freedom. As a result, we can see innocent people being punished brutally for things they have never done, while criminals keep walking in the streets.

The above mentioned subtopics show the most considerable issues to make emphasis on when writing your paper. You can choose one of them or come up with your own, taking these as examples.

Essentials of argumentative writing

Regardless of what subtopic you choose to discuss in your police brutality essay, keep in mind that you are dealing with argumentative writing. For this reason, you will have to follow the requirements and instructions for argumentative writing. We would like you to take a look below at the following specificities of writing papers in argumentative style and take them into consideration when dealing with yours:

  • The purpose of argumentative writing is to fully investigate the assigned topic, come up with your personal opinion in its regard and prove your point of view with arguments. So in the end of the day, your ultimate goal is to provide a strong opinion in a convincing manner.
  • The effectiveness of your essay depends on your ability to immerse yourself into the discussed issue and highlight all the aspects of it, not leaving any question unanswered. This is how you have to lead your potential reader to a strong, obvious and undoubtable conclusion. To do this, you have to sound as if you were an expert in this area, which is exactly what requires you to completely immerse yourself into the matter of discussion.
  • Understand what you want to achieve. You have to be conscious of your personal intention and keep it in mind when writing. The intention will determine the effects of your essay. And the effects of your essay will eventually determine your grades. Your intentions have to be aligned with every word in your paper, otherwise it will not have the desired outcome.
  • Keep your potential reader in mind all the time when doing research and writing. You need to pretend as if you were having a dialogue with your reader. This will help you build your sentences in appropriate manner and provide the needed information to make your essay engaging and interesting to read.

More tips on writing your essay

The very process of writing requires your full attention, especially when it comes to details. There are many techniques how to make an effective paper and gain high grades and we are going to offer you some of them.

  • A catchy title is a half of your success. It really is. The title sets the tone of your paper and programs your potential reader to have a special mood when reading it. Your title has to be unique, simple and capable of grabbing your audience's attention. They have to be engaged even before they get to the first paragraph of your essay.
  • Create a strong thesis statement. What is the key message you want to provide in your paper? This is what you are going to include into the thesis statement. Make it clear enough and easy to understand. You don't want to make your reader guess and instead, you want him to have an understanding of what he is going to read about. Also, make it engaging, so that once the reader starts reading your paper, he can't stop until it is finished.
  • Avoid standard and commonly used expressions. Uniqueness of your paper is exactly what makes it impressive and effective. Have courage to express your thoughts and ideas as they are, no matter whether you think people with agree or disagree with them. Don't use someone else's opinions, unless there is a good quote you want to provide in order to support your personal point of view.
  • Follow the structure. A well-structured paper is an effective paper. There has to be the introduction part, where you include your thesis statement, the body part, where you provide the major information divided into paragraphs, and conclusions to announce the finishing sentence and summarize your ideas.
  • When doing the research, take notes and make sure you write down the most important moments not to forget them. Do not limit yourself in the sources of your research and use as many of them as possible, including articles and books, newspapers and magazines, online sources, documentaries and TV programs etc. At the same time, make sure your sources are reliable enough.
  • Don't overuse quotes. While they are a good way to support your ideas, most of the material still has to be your own, not borrowed from someone else. Also, remember mentioning the author of the quote and citing the sources of information.

We hope that the above provided tips and guidelines will help you write a good police brutality essay. In any case, if you find this task too challenging to deal with it on your own, please use our professional assistance.